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All packs include PowerPoint presentations and Word documents (e.g. hand-outs, learning activities).

The following topics can be puchased individually on CD:

Manual Handling and Back Care Awareness
This pack looks at the 'the back' and how to avoid injury at work. A general awareness pack, so suitable for
everyone in a care setting prior to specific 'moving clients' training for designated staff.

Presentations - 1) Anatomy of the Spine Awareness (Includes pictures of normal spine/discs and spinal conditions), 2) Back Care and Manual Handling Awareness, 3) Musculoskeletal Disorders, 4) Musculoskeletal
Disorders and the Law, 5) Nursing Guidelines for Adults, 6) Staff Wellbeing Physical Activity

Word Documents - Information and Resources, Musculoskeletal Disorders and The Law, Musculoskeletal Disorders, The Spine (handouts)

Medication Awareness (Safe Handling, Administration and Management)
Fully comprehensive and detailed presentations covering every aspect of Managing and Safe Handling of Medicines in a Care Setting with Word document hand-outs. The information contained in this training pack
meets the standards set by the Care Quality Commission, National Minimum Standards, Outcomes and Standards for adult care settings. Suitable for trainers, training agencies, care settings, care staff and for use on full and
part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Introduction to Medicines in a Care Setting, 2) Receiving, Disposing & Storing of Medicines within a Healthcare Setting, 3) Administering Medicines in a Care Setting

Word Documents - 12 handouts

Medication Record Keeping Awareness
This is a training pack specifically on record keeping for medication in adult care settings.

Presentations - Record Keeping (Medication) for Adult Care Settings

Word Documents - Record Keeping Hand-out (13 pages), End of Session Assessment (8 pages)

Medication Record Templates
Word Documents

Administration of Medicine Consent Form
Contact List of Prescribers/Suppliers
Controlled Drugs Audit
MAR Chart
Dosage Alteration Request
Medication Incident Form
Omissions Record/Alterations to Normal Routine
Monthly Medication Audit
Non-prescribed Home Remedies Checklist
Medicines Received Record
Record of Receipt of Medicines and Prescriptions
Risk assessment for self administration
Self administration review form
Self administration record
Staff trained to administer medication
Unidentified medicines list
Supreme Court Ruling

Medication Risk and Support Assessment
This is a training pack specifically on needs support and risk assessment for medication in adult care settings.
Complete comprehensive underpinning knowledge pack meeting the standards laid down by the Care Quality Commission and National Minimum Standards. Can be used by trainers, training agencies, care managers and care settings, also for use on part time and full time courses.

Presentation - Medication Support Assessment for Adult Care Settings

Word Documents- End of Session Handout (11 pages), End of Session Assessment (9 pages), Risk Assessment Template for Self-Administration, Self-Administration Review Form Template, Self-Administration Template

Mental Capacity Act and DoLs Awareness
Suitable for trainers, training agencies, care settings and for use on full time and part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Mental Incapacity Act 2005 Awareness, 2) Mental Incapacity Act 2005 Awareness (Part 2), 3) A New Way of Thinking?, 4) Depriving Liberty Awareness, 5) Depriving Liberty Awareness (Part 2), 6) Lords Select
Committee Recommendations 

Word Documents - Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, Roles and Responsibilities, Glossary, IMCA, Key Principles
MCA, Restraint, Setting Manager Information Sheet, Types of Authorisations, EXAMPLE Checklist (for Training Purposes), Lords Select Committee Recommendations, Supreme Court Ruling (Handouts), 2 x End of Session assessment, 1 x Extra Learning Activity

Mental Illness Awareness
A general introduction to mental illness suitable for giving learners an awareness.

Presentations - 1) An Introduction to Mental Illness, 2) Introduction to Depression, 3) Depression and How
to Help Yourself, 4) Depression in Older Adults, 5) Comparing Drug Treatments and Therapies, 6) Depressive Disorders. 

Word Documents - 1 x End of Session Assessment, Fact Card Depression, Fact Card Schizophrenia, Fact Card Alzheimers Disease, 1 x Lecture Notes

Models of Health Awareness
Suitable for trainers, training agencies, care settings, care staff and for use on full and part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Introduction to Models of Health (includes Biomedical Model), 2) Biopsychosocial Model
of Health, 3) Holistic Models, 4) Lay Models, 5) 2 Slide Activity

Word Documents - 3 handouts, 2 learning activities

Moving Clients Awareness
Suitable for trainers, training agencies, care settings, care staff and for use on full and part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Manual Handling Methods Awareness, 2) Legislation

Word Documents - 6 hanouts, 2 end of session assessments

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness
Suitable for trainers, training agencies, care settings and services, care staff and for use on full and part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Introduction to MS, 2) Pain and MS, 3) MS and the Bladder, 4) MS and the Bowel, 5) MS and Fatigue, 6) Perceptions of Sufferers to Care Services, 7) Perceptions of Carers to Care Services

Word Documents - 6 handouts, 1 end of session assessment

Norovirus Awareness (Incs Procedures)
A mixed pack for trainers, training agencies, care settings, care staff and for use on full and part time courses.
Looks at procedures in both hospital and care home settings (including laundry).

Presentations - 1) Norovirus Awareness , 2) Acute and Community Settings - General Awareness, 3) Acute and Community Settings - Action to Take, 4) Nursing and Residential Care Homes - Action to Take, 5) Laundry of Infectious Linen in Social Care Settings 

Word Documents - 5 detailed handouts

Nursing Professional Development Portfolio Template
This is a 62 page professionally written and themed ready to go Professional Development Portfolio. You can print it off, complete your personal details immediately and then complete and update all of your professional development and training on an ongoing basis throughout your career. Other Word documents also included (see below). The pack comes with notes on how to complete the portfolio. The notes are integrated into the pack section by section. Included in the actual pack are notes relating to the Gibbs Cycle of Refection. Separate Word documents are also included.

Professional Development Portfolio (62 pages)

Part 1 - Introduction - Statement - Notes for registered nurses - Notes for healthcare officers, office managers, on registered healthcare staff - Responsibilities - Completing the portfolio
Reflection - Experiential Learning

Part 2 - Details of Current Job Role - Personal Details - Summary of Academic Achievements and Professional Qualifications - Employment History - Previous Employment

Part 3 - Professional Updates - Notes - Record of Continuing Study - Guidance Notes - Summary of Learning Events - Mandatory Training - Summary of Mandatory Training
Practice Development - Personal Education Reading - Publications

Part 4 - Personal Information - Review, Development and Supervision - Professional Development Action Plan - Annual Personal Review/Update - Personal Development Plan - Clinical Supervision

Part 5 - Notes - Blank pages for your notes

Additional Word Documents - Blooms Taxonomy - Kolbs Experiential Learning Cycle - Reflection (Dewey, Boud, Schon) - The Reflective Cycle (Gibbs) x 2. References and Further Reading included at the end of the portfolio.

Nutrition and Hydration Awareness
Suitable for trainers, training agencies, care settings and for use on full time and part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Micronutients, 2) Food Groups (Simple), 3) Water as a Nutrient, 4) Nutrition Support in Adults Awareness, 5) Provision of Meals in Care Homes, 6) - Nutrition, People with Dementia, 7) Coeliac Disease, 8) Nutrition and Hydration Awareness, 9) Water and Ageing

Word Documents - Handouts x 19, Written Assessment x 4, Learning Activities x 4

Oxygen in Care Settings Awareness (Incs Uses, Transporting etc.)
The pack looks at different situations when oxygen is used, safety aspects, risk assessment, storage, transporting, emergency situations, etc. and is suitable for all staff and carers. For use by trainers, training agencies, care settings, care staff, carers and for use on part time and full time courses and nurses responsible for training. Meeting standards set by NICE.

Presentations - 1) Oxygen Therapy Awareness, 2) Oxygen in a Care Setting Awareness

Word Documents - 2 session handouts and end of session assessments. Plus extra handouts - CQC Random Inspection Report (Oxygen related), Guidance for the Use of Oxygen Template, Oxygen, Transport of Oxygen, Oxygen Risk Assessment, Types of Oxygen and Device Types

Parkinsons Disease Awareness
A training resource for care settings, care staff, trainers, training agencies and for use on full and part-time courses by trainers and lecturers.

Presentations - 1) Introduction to Parkinsons disease , 2) Providing Care for someone with Parkinsons disease, 3) Treatments for Parkinsons disease, 4) Treatments for Parkinsons disease (Simplified), 5) Introduction to
Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), 6) Palliative Care and Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) 

Word Documents - 5 handouts

Pressure Area Care Awareness
This pack includes a Learner Activity Workbook (14 pages) that can be printed.The variety of material in this pack will ensure that all staff can be trained/made aware to the degree required for their job. Also suitable for teaching students and learners on appropriate Health and Social Care courses.

Presentations - 1) Introduction toPressure Area Care, 2) Positioning, Education and Care Plans, 3) Policies, Procedures and Information, 4) Pressure Ulcer Management, 5) Skin Inspection

Word Documents - 7 Handouts, 2 Assessments, 2 Learning Activities. Plus Pressure Area Care Workbook (14 pages)

Record Keeping Awareness
A mixed pack, part suitable for staff, part suitable for learners. For trainers and care settings. Includes a booklet handout (11 pages, printable) and end of session assessment (11 pages)and handouts.

Presentations - 1) Record Keeping Awareness, 2) Working in the Social Care Sector Reports and Record Keeping Awareness 

Word Documents - Record Keeping Booklet Handout (11 pages), End of Session Assessment PPT 1(11 pages),
Handout (PPT 2),Learning Activity 1, Learning Activity 2, Professional Guidance

Risk Assessment Awareness
A training pack specific to risk assessment in health and social care. Suitable for trainers, lecturers, care settings etc. Contains underpinning knowledge and built in learning activities.

Presentations - 1) Introduction to Hazards, 2) Introduction to Risk Assessments, 3) Risk Assessments, 4) COSHH (5 slide activity based presentation), 5) Infection Control and Risk assessment, 6) Manual Handling

Word Documents - Word Handouts x 8, Word Written Assessment x 1, Learning Activities (case study based) x 4, Learning Activity x 1, Activity Booklet x 1, Case Study Aide Memoir x 1, Risk Assessment Generic Example Template

Safeguarding Adults Awareness
A mixed pack for trainers, training agencies, care settings, care staff and for use on full and part time courses and units.

Presentations - 1) Protecting Vulnerable Adults, 2) The Role of the Nurse/Careworker, 3) Abuse Cases Activity
and Discussion, 4) Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, 5) Vetting and Barring Scheme

Word Documents - 27 handouts, 4 learning activities

Safeguarding Children Awareness
Completely up to date (revised including Disclosure and Barring Service information and overview of Children and Social Work Act 2017). Includes information on different types of abuse definitions for all countries in the UK.
Themes included: Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act, Vetting and Barring Scheme, Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children, Safeguarding and Integrated Working, Practitioner Awareness  - What to do if there
are concerns about safety and how concerns are reported and managed, Child Protection Legislation and Key Documents Overview, Introduction to Child Abuse, Information Sharing Overview, Every Child Matters, Domestic
Violence Awareness, Common Assessment Process, Children Act, Children and Social Work Act.

Presentations - 14 PowerPoint presentations

Word Documents - Handouts - Abuse, Children Act 1989, Every Child Matters, Every Child Matters – Key Outcomes, Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families, If a Child Discloses to You, Legislation and Key Documents, The Bichard Enquiry, The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act, Protection of Freedoms Act Handout, Children and Social Work Act Handout. PLUS Simple Case Study and 4 activities and 1 End of Session Assessment

Safeguarding FGM Awareness
For all types of care settings, care staff, schools, early years etc., trainers, training agencies and for use on full and part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Introduction to FGM, 2) Health Risks, 3) FGM Do You Suspect Someone is at Risk?

Word Documents - 7 handouts

Schizophrenia Awareness
Looks at various aspects including facts, misconceptions, symptoms, risk factors, care and treatment, detention, advocacy, therapies, self-harm and violence.

Presentations - 1) Schizophreia Awareness, 2) Care and Treatment

Word Documents - 2 handouts, 2 end of session assessments

Sensory Impairment - Dual Impairment (Sight and Hearing)
This pack focuses on clients and service users who have impairment to both vision and hearing. (Deaf blindness can range from some impairment to major impairment).

1) Introduction to Deaf blindness (Facts, Theory and CVB) - Introduction, What is Deaf blindness?, The Effects, Universal Needs, Maslow, Self Esteem, Decisions and Independence, Choice and Dignity, The Role of the Care Worker, Physical, Emotional, Practical, Social and Intellectual Needs, Care Planning, Empowerment, Historical Views, Summary, References

2) Communicating Effectively - Background, Recognising Deaf blindness, Making Contact, Things You Should Do, Responding, Block Capitals, Fingerspelling, Sign Language, BSL, SSE, Typetalk, References

3) Health and Safety - Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Duties of Employers, Duties of Employees, Newer Regulations, Unsafe Conditions, Unsafe Acts, Reporting Hazards, Risk Assessments, Deaf blindness and Health and Safety, Deaf blindness and the environment, Helping a Deaf blind Person, Final Thoughts, References

4) Communicating with Older People - Introduction, Principles of Effective Communication (Deaf blindness), Helping the Older Person to Understand, Interpreters, Common Methods, Experiences of Deaf blind People, Who is affected?, How many are affected?, Ethnic Groups, How it affects Older People, Support from the Care Worker, Statutory Requirements, Social Services Single Assessment Process, Care Value Base – Maintaining Independence, National Service Framework for Older People, Mental Health, Promoting an Active and Healthy Lifestyle, Final Words, Summary of Needs, References

Word Documents - 12 Learner Activities, 27 Handouts

Social and Emotional Wellbeing in the Early Years

Presentation - Supporting Families in the Early Years: Social and Emotional Wellbeing 

Word Documents - Presentation hand-out, Aide Memoir, Background Reading hand-out 

Stress Awareness
Stress Awareness & Management Standards Approach. 1) Stress Awareness presentation and handouts.
2) Aide memoir handouts for managers on Risk Assessing for Stress in the workplace based

Presentation - Stress Awareness

Word Documents - 3 Handouts on Stress Awareness, 6 Handouts/Aide Memoirs on the Management Standards Approach for Managers (Risk Assessment) - Communications/Policies- Legal Status - Management Standards - Risk Identification & Action Process- Steering Groups on the Management Standards Approach.

Stroke Awareness
Suitable for trainers, training agencies, care staff (including domiciliary), carers in the voluntary sector etc.  Also suitable for care managers wanting to use these resources for in-house training and for use on full and part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Stroke Awareness, 2) Aphasia, 3) Cerebrovascular Disease

Word Documents - 3 handouts

Supervision and Support
Looks at various aspects of the supervision process. A complete 'How To' with templates for use in the supervision process. The training material in this pack meets national minimum standards – including how it should be
arranged, undertaken, how often and where it should take place. Also includes training material on Policies and
Procedures.The pack also includes templates of records to use.Suitable for care managers and supervisors. Individual supervisory sessions (as well as group sessions) are compulsory and must take place in
all health and social care settings.Also suitable for trainers and lecturers for use with full and part time courses.

Presentations - 1) Introduction to Supervision, 2) Supervision, 3) Conducting Support and Supervision Sessions, 4) Support for Supervision

Word Dcuments - Handouts (to follow all Presentations). Other handouts: 6 example templates, 8 handouts on supervisory aspects in care.

Swallowing Difficulties Awareness (Dysphagia)
Many people have problems with swallowing. This packs looks at the problems, the effects on eating and drinking and the ability to take medication comfortably.

Presentations - 1) Swallowing Difficulties Awareness, 2) Dysphagia and older people (includes medication

Word Documents - Handout (to follow PowerPoint 1), Handout (to follow PowerPoint 2), 1 Written end of session Assessment , Dysphagia risk assessment aide memoir

Toileting Awareness
Presentation - Toileting Awareness (60 Slides) – Slide Titles: Equipment, The Toilet, Commodes, Reusable Equipment, Disposable Equipment, Toileting Needs Important Principles, Approachability and Communication, Privacy and Dignity, Privacy and Dignity (Culture), Promptness (Bladder and Bowels), Prevention of Cross, Infection, Observation (Ability to Move), Observation (Skin Condition), Observation (Self-Care Ability), Observation (Urine Output), Observation (Appearance of Urine), Observation (Appearance of Stools), Prevention of Accidents, Promotion of Independence & Participation, Promotion of Hygiene and Comfort , Behind Closed Doors DoH, Behind Closed Doors Standards

Word Documents - Behind Closed Doors Handout, Equipment Handout, Principles (3 Handouts)

Whistleblowing Awareness and Procedures
The pack includes presentations and Word documents (hand-outs and an example Whistleblowing Policy template.

Presentations - 10 Introduction to Whistleblowing, 2) Whistleblowing, 3) Care Management

Word Documents - Handouts -  Introduction to Whistleblowing, Generic Whistleblowing, Raising a concern, Care Quality Commission - Outcomes, Employers – meeting obligations, Employment Tribunals (Constitution and Rules of Procedure) (Amendment) Regulations 2010, Notes on setting up a policy. PLUS Example Whistleblowing Template (13 page template (use in conjunction withthe Notes on Setting up a Policy Handout)

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